Carbon dioxide a global problem not just out there

Carbon dioxide is a naturally occurring greenhouse gas in the atmosphere, but its concentration is steadily increasing due to human activities. Climate change is having an extensive impact on our health, and new research shows a correlation between increased carbon dioxide concentrations in the air and cognitive decline.

What does the research say?

Researchers at the University College of London showed in 2018 that high CO2 concentrations negatively affect memory, impair concentration and cause difficulties in decision-making. This is another similar study. A few years earlier, Harvard academics came to similar conclusions. According to their report, people working in a high-carbon dioxide environment performed worse than their colleagues in better-ventilated rooms.

CO2 , a dream

Carbon dioxide also affects the quality of sleep. At night in an unventilated bedroom, CO2 levels increase several times due to human exhalation during sleep and, for example, plant respiration, which reverses gas exchange after dark – absorbing oxygen and expelling carbon dioxide.

Ambient control

When working in confined spaces, such as offices or lecture halls, it is important to ensure adequate ventilation to prevent carbon dioxide from building up in the air. A helpful tool is the Espirio system, equipped with sensors that inform you about the content of CO2 , among other things. The device will inform you of the air quality with a clear icon and allow you to maintain optimal conditions in your office and home, so that your decisions are accurate and your work is efficient.