Living in a good

Many of us do not realize that we spend up to 90% of our lives indoors - on the road and at work, school, home. Each of these places are specific environmental conditions that have a very significant impact on our comfort, quality of functioning, intellectual performance, and even with long-term impact on health.

The level of CO2, particulate matter, volatile organic compounds, air temperature and humidity, noise, number of noise disturbances, light, are factors that determine the conditions for rest, study and work.

The Espirio System® was designed to help you accurately monitor them and respond accordingly. All this so that you can learn, play, work and relax in a good atmosphere.

For whom is Espirio®?

For home

Use Espirio® in your home to guarantee the healthiest living conditions for you and your family. Our device will help monitor air quality, noise and optimal light conditions to make your home a true sanctuary of health and comfort.

For business

Espirio® is the ideal solution for modern, employee-caring companies. Monitoring the level of CO2, particulate matter, and noise will contribute to work efficiency by maintaining comfortable conditions.

For education

Public institutions such as schools, libraries and government offices can benefit from Espirio® to ensure safe and healthy conditions for users.

Benefits provided by Espirio®

Be confident in your surrounding environment no matter where you are. Choose a business travel companion and a friend for holiday adventures.

Find your recipe for relaxation. After a hard day, provide yourself with the right conditions for relaxation. Make sure the place you choose is a haven of peace and quiet.

Improve the quality of your sleep to start a new day rested and full of energy. Let a healthy night's sleep guarantee your well-being when you wake up.

Remote or in the office, work efficiently in an atmosphere conducive to concentration. Make the often difficult but accurate decisions necessary for the proper functioning of the company.

Whether at school or at home, use your study time more efficiently. Adjust the conditions around you to more freely absorb a succession of knowledge.

Take care of the proper course of pregnancy and the baby's first steps in the new environment. Give him a good start in life and a carefree childhood.


Expanded Package:

0 PLN for the first month

The duration of the extended package after the purchase of the device is 1 month.

You can continue to use the device in the basic range or buy an extended package for the next period.

Available colors

It is possible to choose the color of the device to best match your environment. 

Device Price:



FeaturesBasic package
in the price of the device
Extended package
in the subscription mode
Monitored parameters
Dwutlenek węgla CO2icon_tick@2xicon_tick@2x
Pyły zawieszone PM2.5icon_tick@2xicon_tick@2x
Pyły zawieszone PM10icon_tick@2xicon_tick@2x
Lotne związki organiczne LZO/VOCicon_tick@2xicon_tick@2x
Temperatura powietrzaicon_tick@2xicon_tick@2x
Wilgotność powietrzaicon_tick@2xicon_tick@2x
Liczba zakłóceń ciszyicon_tick@2xicon_tick@2x
Barwa światłaicon_tick@2xicon_tick@2x
Natężenie światłaicon_tick@2xicon_tick@2x
Świetlna i dźwiękowa sygnalizacja przekroczeńicon_tick@2xicon_tick@2x
Tryb nocnyicon_tick@2xicon_tick@2x
Prezentacja wyników aktualnychicon_tick@2xicon_tick@2x
Prezentacja wyników historycznychicon_tick@2x
Tryb podpowiedziicon_tick@2x
Personalizacja progów alarmowychicon_tick@2x
Prezentacja zewnętrznego indeksu jakości powietrzaicon_tick@2x
Aktualizacje urządzeniaicon_tick@2x

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